The first combination boiler training I received was in 1978, in the U.K. Since then I have been specializing in Combination Boiler services. In the U.K. I serviced over 3,500 customers.

    After moving to Canada in 2002, I decided to open the business here to do the things I love and specialize in.

    The following are services we provide to our customers:

Breakdown calls-Fast and Efficient Services to answer your breakdown calls. If you are experiencing HEATING or HOT WATER breakdowns with your Baxi Combination Boiler, before you are think of replacing it give us a call. We will fix it for you.

    We also fix the systems to the boilers. If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, many times these issues are caused by the improper installation of the systems. Instead of getting frustrated, give us a call, we will fix it for you.

Annual Services on the boiler.     Just like you need to do maintenance on your car, it is highly recommended to do annual
maintenance on your boiler. By doing this, you can ensure the efficiency of the boiler. Many times, the breakdowns on the boilers
are  caused by no maintenance of the boilers. Through yearly maintenance, we can also prevent or eliminate breakdowns on the boilers.


Installations.          We install Combination Boilers Sime, Baxi , Air Handlers, Radiators/Towel warmers and Under floor heating plus Control systems.


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